Have you seen this new trend happening on cruise ships? Cruising Ducks! Sounds like so much fun! Have you seen or participated in the painted rocks that swept America? This is kind of the same thing. The game was started by Abby Davis and her father Ashley. The two went on a Carnival Cruise ship in March of 2018 and brought with them 50 ducks on their 7 day Cruise. The purpose was to just play a fun game and make people smile – it worked!!!! They started a Facebook Group, Cruising Ducks – Original Group. As of today it has over 44,000 members and they are super active. You can read more about their story. Here’s how it works…

  1. Get yourself some ducks. Please make the rated E for everyone, this is a fun game for all ages. They are usually small plastic or rubber ducks. However, some people create their own ducks by knitting or crocheting them, and others have made key chains. Use markers, gems or anything you can think of to make your duck original OR just use them as they are.
  2. Make up a label either sticky for the bottom or something (a “passport”) to put a ribbon on and tie around the neck. Be sure to put on it “keep or hide, you decide” and where to post the photo when the duck is found. Use #cruisingducks or create your own #. Again, keep it E for Everyone. This is a fun happy game. You can put as much or as little info on the tag/label as you wish. No business advertising (that’s just tacky), no rude or inappropriate websites, no political campaigning – we all get enough of that everywhere else, let’s keep this fun.
  3. Pack the ducks safely in your luggage. we don’t want any ducks wandering around the plane 🙂
  4. Hide the ducks around the ship. There are some rules though… don’t hide them in stores or staterooms only in public places, Do not put them in the pools or hot tubs. Be aware of where you are hiding them that they don’t wander off into the open waters. You never know when a gust of wind will pick them up and send them flying right off the ship.
  5. jump onine and search your group or hashtag to see who found your duck. And just the same, if you find a duck, post a photo in the appropriate group with the appropriate hashtag to the ducks long lost family can follow him around the world (maybe just ship)

The Cruising Duck – Original Group has some great ideas, posts, and tag templates for you to use. I’m jumping on a Royal Caribbean ship in December, I think I’m going to make some Duck ornaments to hide. If the finder wants to keep it, it will be a nice keepsake of their cruise.

If you participate in cruising ducks, take photo of you and your clan with the ducks before you hide them and post them to my facebook page. I’d love to see you and your little ducks.

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